Hey there, my name is Maximilian but you might know me under my alias

I’m a developer (BSc Computer Technology), who is very enthusiastic about
coding. I just love it and I could not think of a Job where I’m not coding or
at least have the time to code in my spare time. My most beloved language is
Pyhton, I just love everything about the language! The simplicity, the
frameworks and the community. But I do also like Rust very much, the whole
safe code concept is very nice im my opinion. However, I am still learning
Rust as in my current day time job I’m mostly writing Python and JavaScript.

I like testing software (mostly my own 😄). There is nothing more
satisfying like running all your tests after some changes and still everything
is ok. Due to my odl day time job, I got a lot of experience with Jenkins or
more specific the Jenkins Scripted Pipeline, but for my spare time projects I
use Travis (which is a lot simpler).

In my spare time I do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, inline skating
and cycling. I really love the nature and because of that, I love to take
photos of it and share them with my friends. Some of the photos will be here on
this site for you to enjoy. When I’m not outdoors, I play games on my PC or
with my friends (Pen and Paper/Boardgames). If there is enough time available
I try to do some side projects, which you can find on my GitHub (currently
there is not much time :( ).

You can find me on LinkedIn,
Discord (Biskit1943#1943) and GitHub. I do
also have a Twitter account, but I never
really got into it and don’t use it.